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Sterling Mountain Community Planning & Design, LLC is a Vermont-based land use and urban planning consulting practice with more than 30 years of diverse and direct experience in a wide range of planning topics - land use, urban design, code revision, transportation, economic and downtown development, resort and institutional development, housing, land conservation, and historic preservation.

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The practice of urban planning is both art and science. When the intrinsic qualities of a place are brought together with the vision and aspirations of its people, something very special happens - it’s alchemy.

alchemy [ al-kuh-mee ] - a seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new

Like people, every community has a personality born from its unique combination of place and culture. At Sterling Mountain Community Planning & Design, LLC, we are passionate about place - the physical and cultural, and exploring the features and characteristics that makes a community unique.

We leverage this understanding to tackle underlying challenges and capture opportunities to celebrate what is truly possible in a community, and work to ensure that the ensuing plans and codes deliver on those possibilities.

In an era of global climate change and pandemic, and profound social and economic inequities and upheaval, communities across the country are presented with an opportunity - if not an imperative - to face these challenges head-on.

Sterling Mountain Community Planning & Design is focused on helping its clients identify and steward their unique natural and cultural assets, create vibrant and engaging mixed use centers, provide housing choices that meet the needs of all households and generations, and build affordable and sustainable community infrastructure.

Come on in and check us out!

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